Butterfly Pea

How to Make a Butterfly Pea with Citrus Juice Drink

The crafting of a beautifully refreshing drink with vibrant color and taste, creating the Butterfly Pea with citrus juice is an enjoyable experience. Follow this step-by-step guide to craft a unique and enticing beverage:


1. Butterfly Pea Flowers or Butterfly Pea Tea
2. Lemon, lime or orange juices
3. Favorite sweetener (agave syrup, honey, or simple syrup)
4. Optional garnishes: mint leaves, edible flowers


1. Brewing Butterfly Pea Tea:

To kick-start the creation of a captivating Butterfly Pea drink mixed with Citrus Juice drink, begin the process by brewing concentrated Butterfly Pea tea. This may be done by infusing a few Butterfly Pea flowers in hot water or via the use of tea bags containing pre-made Butterfly Pea tea. Permit the tea to seep for about 5- 7 minutes to absorb the thrilling blue color. After that, strain the tea and remove any flower blooms to get a beautiful clear Butterfly Pea tea.

2. Extracting Citrus Juice:

Start the citrus juice extraction by squeezing fresh lemons, limes, or oranges. Speed up the juicing process by rolling citrus fruits to increase their juice extractability. Once the capsicums are cut in half, use a citrus juicer or hand squeeze to obtain the juice. To serve an effortless drink, strain the citrus juice through a fine mesh strainer to eliminate any unwanted pulp or seeds.
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Extracting Citrus Juice

3. Captivating Color Transformation:

Now, introduce the soothing stage of color conversion by using clear glass to emphasize the visual appeal of the beverage. First, add the Butterfly Pea tea to the glass up to about half its capacity. Enjoy the bright blue color representing the beginning of the transformation. Mixing the freshly squeezed citrus juice gradually with the tea, you can enjoy watching as it transforms from a deep blue into fascinating purple or pink hues at the reaction of a pea butterfly.

4. Sweetening to Perfection:

Improve the overall flavor of the beverage by adding sugar as you prefer. Select the sweetener you wish from among agave syrup, honey, or simple syrup. Stir in the sweetener slowly to the mixture, after each addition. Make adjustments to the drink until it suits your \ taste. This method promotes a balanced flavor by combining the zesty citrus juice with the desired sweetener.

Sweetening to Perfection

5. Final Touch of Elegance:

End the preparation process by garnishing the Butterfly Pea with Citrus Juice drink using mint leaves or edible flowers. This final element provides not only an air of refinement but also ties up well with the drink’s appearance. Enjoy the drink straightaway to taste a visual feast and delicious delight, which melds colors together with flavors deliciously blended!

5. Mixing Thoroughly:

The process of stirring the mixture follows after adding citrus juice to a Butterfly Pea tea. This delicate combination allows the flavors to mingle in harmony and produces a nice balance of taste. While stirring, watch the mesmerizing color gradient revealed inside the glass to enjoy additional spectacle.

6. Adding Ice and Garnishes:

To improve the temperature and appeal of the Butterfly Pea with Citrus Juice drink, place ice cubes in the glass. Bring the visual spectacle to another level when using uniquely shaped ice molds for a little bit of pomp. After putting the ice in it, use that time to decorate the drink with fresh mint leaves on edible flowers. This not only increases the visual allure but also adds to the fragrance of the drink.

Adding Ice and Garnishes

7. Serving and Enjoying:

So now, as your work of art is fully mixed with some ice and garnishes, engage friends or guests with this drink. It is best when the drink is made fresh so it might be the perfect time to share this colorful, delightfully refreshing mixture. Promote instant gratification to fully appreciate the moment.

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Step Description
1. Gather Ingredients – Butterfly pea flowers<br>- Citrus fruits (such as lemon, lime, or orange)<br>- Sweetener of choice (optional)<br>- Ice cubes
2. Prepare Butterfly Pea Infusion – Boil water and steep butterfly pea flowers in hot water for several minutes until the water turns blue. Strain and let it cool.
3. Squeeze Citrus Juice – Juice the citrus fruits to extract fresh juice. You can mix different citrus fruits for a unique flavor profile.
4. Mix Ingredients – In a glass, combine the cooled butterfly pea infusion with citrus juice. Add sweetener if desired and stir until well mixed.
5. Add Ice – Place ice cubes in the glass to chill the drink and dilute it slightly, if preferred.
6. Serve and Enjoy – Garnish with citrus slices or mint leaves for an extra touch of freshness. Serve immediately and enjoy the vibrant colors and flavors.

Tips for Customization:

For those looking to personalize their Butterfly Pea with Citrus Juice drink, consider the following customization tips:

  • Try out different citrus fruits to find the specific mixture you like, starting from lemony notes and ending with sweet undertones.
  • Alter the Butterfly Pea-to-citrus ratio according to individual preferences to attain the appropriate color intensity, resulting in a customizable visual appearance.
  • Create a bubbly twist out of this magical blend by adding a bit of sparkling water.


The process of making Butterfly Pea with Citrus Juice drink is multi-sensorial, moving beyond the mere taste and becoming a feast for the visual senses. Let your friends taste this lovely drink by sharing your own version on social networks. A toast to a drink that not only enchants the eyes but also gratifies the tongue with its delightful palette of colors and tastes.


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Q1) Do I have to use fresh Butterfly Pea Flowers or can I use the dried ones for preparation of my tea?

Yes, you can prepare the tea from dried Butterfly Pea Flowers. By steeping a handful of dried flowers in hot water for 5-7 minutes, one can prepare concentrated and brilliant Blue Butterfly Pea tea.

Q2) Do we need to pass the citrus juice through a sieve before adding it to the Butterfly Pea tea?

Well, it is advisable to strain the citrus juice using a fine mesh strainer to get rid of pulp and seeds. This guarantees a nice and pleasant consistency in your Butterfly Pea and Citrus Juice cocktail.

Q3) Is there an option to customize the sweetness level?

Absolutely! It is a fact that you can adjust the sweetness level by selecting your desired sweetening agent, either agave syrup, honey, or simple syrup. Add the sweetener a little at a time stirring and tasting each time until it is as sweet as you want.

Q4) What are other garnishes instead of mint leaves and edible flowers?

Certainly! Mint leaves and edible flowers give an elegant touch to this already beautiful drink, but you can also add alternative garnishes using citrus zest, sliced fruits, or even a rim of sugar for your delight. You can choose to customize the visual appeal of your taste.