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11 Best Asian Candy You Must Try


The candy world of best Asian candies stands a refreshingly new twist: to try them all is to discover a rainbow of tastes and textures. The range of options includes chewy white bunny gummies to tangy and sweet Hi-Chew calories which makes sure that every sweet tooth is satiated. In any Asian market to be found, you will always be treated to a rainbow of multi-colored wrappers and between them lines of flavor. The Asian candy has amazing joys that are not found in regular American candies. In this blog post, we will sail around sweet candy Asian culture and see some finest Asian candies you must try. Glittering in your path are the sweet shenanigans and the candy destroyed!


Chocolate wafer Black Thunder incorporated from Japan is traditionally made with crunchy and creamy textures. It is a chocolate layer with a creamy filling and crispy puffed rice, covered in smooth dark chocolate and scattered with butter-tasting cookies. It has a perfect amount of sweet, salty, crispy, and creamy. The base of the bars is extremely satisfying and is great for those with a strong sweet tooth. It is the ultimate of sweet and crunchy, that is the thing for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Botan Rice Candy brings a sweet sensation to your candy experience. The outer shell is formulated using edible rice paper that gets instantly dissolved in your mouth. Here you’ll come across soft and chewy fruit candies in variants like grape, strawberry, mango, lichee, and others. It’s the kind of thing that is like eating two candies in one sitting. The sushi wrapper zigzags into candy sheer like the fruit, with a bright note. This is the bite that is a real taste adventure that makes you hunger for more. Through the Botan Rice Candy, both mouth-watering and fun are available.


This coconut taffy candy has a soft, chewy coconut filling covered with a crunchy cracker. The coconut pull candy tastes like natural coconut with no artificial taste. You get an enjoyable agreement of the crispiness of the cracker and the chewiness of coconut when you bite into the center. Chun Guang tastes savoury, sweet, and salty at once but yet, it is not too sweet or salty.


4. Choco Pie Delight

Likewise, the Asian flavor, Choco Pie, is distant yet creamy. These delicate, sponge-like, and cake-like desserts with melted chocolate which are a perfect companion for tea or coffee make you smile and then you get instantly happy every time you have them. You can grab these candies in proper fascinating packs from wholesale packaging supplies such as AKI.

5. Classic Guava Candy

Authentic guava candies are produced in the classical Chinese style from a mixture of honeyed guavas using white sugar. Cubed or striped, this countertop or jar comes in a dense form with pure, jam-like fruits that will satisfy the sweet tooth of every guava lover.

Classic Guava Candy

6. Dragon’s Beard Delicacy

By this name, it is commonly called because it looks just like the thread-like silk strand. The Asian candy consists of melted sugar strings which are spun very thinly to be able to form hair-like threads. The pattern which looks like a waterfall is the feature of this type of jade. Every Feng Shui master would love to see it just like native Chinese people as well as Taiwanese people who know about this unique Feng Shui item.

7. Haw Flakes Magic

Haw flakes or candy from China are made by blending the fruit of hawthorn in China with sugar. These crumbly, sugary, and sour, licorice-flavored air cookies are something that you will like! The haw undrigs give it a nice tart touch, making it a fine addition to a tasty and pleasurable chewy snack.

Haw Flakes Magic

8. Hi-Chew: A Tangy Delight

Hi-Chew, a Japanese candy loved by many people, brings you a chewy, fruity way that candy aficionados like very much. The burst of flavor comes with every bite of the plump and stretchy bites that have a strong fruit taste: Strawberry, Mango, Kiwi, and others. Simultaneously an attractive element of this product is its real fruit concentrates that provide it a sweet and addictive chewiness, contributing to its popularity worldwide.

9. Kasugai Gummy Bliss

Listed on the first spot are the authentic and flavorful Kasugai gummies from Japan which use real fruit juices. Found in plenty of possible variants such as green apple, lychee, and mango, these soft and chewy candies are infused with the best possible fruit extracts of a juicy taste and a good balance of sweetness.

10. Kopiko Coffee Harmony

Indonesia has a Kopico candy that merrily blends the flavors of coffee and chocolate. Featuring an espresso coffee center, this is a tasty treat with a thin chocolate shell. It reflects the richness and the fragrance of a cup of coffee with a candy twist. It is made for those who enjoy coffee with something extra sweet.

Candy Name Description
White Rabbit Enjoy the creamy and chewy texture of these iconic milk candies from China, wrapped in edible rice paper for an extra layer of fun.
Hi-Chew Indulge in these irresistibly chewy Japanese candies, available in a variety of fruity flavors like mango, strawberry, and grape, bursting with juicy goodness.
Pocky Delight in the classic Japanese snack of chocolate-coated biscuit sticks, available in a range of flavors including strawberry, matcha, and cookies & cream.
Yan Yan Experience the interactive fun of dipping crispy biscuit sticks into creamy frosting, available in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla for a delightful treat.
Botan Rice Candy Discover the unique experience of edible rice paper wrapped around sweet and chewy candy squares, originating from Japan and beloved for its nostalgic appeal.
Chupa Chups Savor the iconic lollipop brand from Spain, offering a wide range of flavors and colorful designs that appeal to candy lovers of all ages.
Toppo Enjoy the crunchy texture and rich chocolate filling of these Japanese snack sticks, perfect for satisfying chocolate cravings on the go.
Hello Panda Delight in these adorable bite-sized cookies filled with creamy chocolate or strawberry-flavored centers, featuring cute panda designs on each biscuit.
Kasugai Gummy Indulge in the soft and flavorful Japanese gummy candies, available in a variety of fruit flavors like lychee, peach, and watermelon, offering a burst of sweetness in every bite.
Morinaga Milk Caramel Experience the smooth and creamy taste of these traditional Japanese milk caramels, beloved for their rich flavor and nostalgic appeal.
Haw Flakes Enjoy the unique taste and texture of these Chinese candies made from dried hawthorn fruit, offering a sweet and tangy flavor reminiscent of childhood memories.

11. Prawn Crackers Adventure

The famous snacks ‘Prawn Crackers’ as well as ‘shrimp, chips’ come from Southeast Asia. This cracker offers a distinctive and crispy experience. All of these chicken chips are made of starch mixed with ground prawns, tasting like spices and shrimp in different flavors such as spicy, barbecue, pepper, and original. The taste of this snack will completely surprise you, so get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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